Hello, I am Ralph. I live in the Netherlands and work as a BIM specialist at a developing contractor. As a BIM specialist, I try to automate the workflow for the whole team as much as possible. The programs I work with are Autodesk Revit and Dynamo. Besides that, I spend time managing the templates and making a lot of Families in Revit.

In 2015 I started as a BIM modeler, and since then I have already realized many projects (terraced houses and apartments). I got passionate about automating Revit with workflows after doing a lot of repetitive work on these projects.

In 2022 I started blogging on this website. The main reason was to share my BIM knowledge with others. I wanted to share tips, tricks, and workarounds about everything related to Revit and Dynamo. Besides that, I also wanted to share scripts that I created and took me a lot of time to solve.

All content on LazyBIM is personally written and based on the experience I have done over the years.

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